Letting Go of Control


Happy Wednesday!  Here is the message from spirit I read this morning:

“Grace finds us when we accept life as it unfolds, even though, at times, we do not like what is happening.  Grace gives us the wisdom to cease arguing with God, demanding that life be what we want and not the way it is, and helps us find the gifts in what is so.”  -Sonia Choquette

Earlier this week I had an epiphany about the ways I try to control things in my life, and how that actually puts me into a contracted state…. I limit the beauty and gifts that I’m able to experience when I try to control everything.  So as we slide into the last few weeks of 2012 and the holidays, I’m really looking at getting more comfortable with letting things be the way they are.  I truly want to relax into a state of trusting and allowing.  So today’s message from spirit seemed just right to me.  I wanted to share it and wish you all a relaxed and beautiful day!  xoxo

Beautiful Receiving

7 of Pentacles from The Gilded Tarot

Last week I went to a wonderful workshop with Sonia Choquette and returned home feeling uplifted, inspired, and joyous.  The big message I took in was about RECEIVING.  It seems timely as we enter the season of holidays and inward reflection.  This time of year there is a lot of emphasis on giving.  However, I’m realizing that the energy of giving and receiving is all the same, and we need to do both.  If we are comfortable with giving and not receiving – it’s like being comfortable breathing out but never wanting to breathe in.  That doesn’t really work… does it?   Generally speaking many of us (myself included) aren’t very good receivers and my spirit is telling me it’s time for this to change.

This awareness isn’t new for me.  For the past decade life has been teaching me that I need to embrace my vulnerability, let my guard down, and learn to receive.  It started with learning to receive kindness from myself -to adopt a gentler inward tone and cut myself some slack.  This may sound a little mushy, but I have to tell you it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done!  Learning to allow myself the time to regenerate, meditate, create art, get enough sleep (these are all things that “the world” says are optional or insignificant) took a lot a lot of work.  I had to actively choose to listen to my spirit instead of my ego in order to allow these things into my life – and my ego really put up a fuss!  It likes to be in control of things.  It tells me that I’ll be safer if I keep myself protected, put on the mask of perfection, and keep all of the messy stuff hidden.  Well isn’t that just exhausting?

The 7 of Pentacles showed up the other day as I was reflecting on these things, and I realized that it’s about taking a look around, and welcoming whatever the Divine has extended to us that we need to receive.  The woman is standing under a money tree with an empty basket and a ladder.  So what is she waiting for? Does she feel she doesn’t deserve it?  Does she feel she has to earn it before she’s worthy?  Maybe she doesn’t trust it (if she climbs too high on the ladder the universe might pull it out from under her?) Perhaps she worries that others won’t think she’s a good person if she has too much.  There are lots of reasons we don’t receive in our lives and although this card addresses the earth element (money and tangible things), my heart tells me that we are never far away from our feelings about love, acceptance and worthiness when these issues come up.  True abundance is all of these things and we are all absolutely worthy and deserving of it all.

I realized over the past two weeks that everything that means something to me in this life is asking that I become a better receiver.  Opening to intuition is all about developing the ability to receive – to be open enough to get the information and trust it.  Acting on this guidance is how we give because we make the divine manifest through our actions.  Being an artist is about receiving inspiration and sustaining that flow of energy long enough to create something.  It’s blissful because we’re receiving – it’s filling us up and we’re giving at the same time through that act of creation.  Of course you don’t actually have to paint or sculpt in order to be creative – everyone of us is creating our lives each moment.  If we can fill our wells with love everyday by practicing receiving we’ll create such beauty in the world.  Everything we do will be infused with grace and that’s a vision that makes my spirit very happy.

So where are your doors closed?  Where do you control, worry, and feel constantly tired?  This is a clue to where you aren’t receiving, and I want to share a beautiful 10 minute “Sourcing” meditation that I learned at my workshop.  Find a comfortable place to sit and rub your palms together for a few seconds.  Feel the tingling of the energy in your hands and lay them on your knees palms upward.  Take a deep breath and let out the sound of “ahhhh” as you exhale.  Ask for grace to fill  you up as you sit and breathe gently.  I would recommend listening to “Devi Puja” by Krishna Das, Baird Hersey, and Prana as you sit.  You can find it on itunes.  Receive this gift of grace and carry it with you as you go about your day.  Many blessings! xoxo



Try a Little Laughter

Positive Message Graphic available at Uncommon Goods. This is a project I’m doing with my friend Amy Humes (Oola). You can use them to press your internal “reset button”        Oola at Uncommon Goods


I read this yesterday in Sonia Choquette’s Grace, Guidance, and Gifts and posted it on Facebook.  I realized later that it was a perfect addition to my post – “Have More Fun”.  What is more fun or more healing than a good laugh?  I thought I would share it here as well.  Wishing you a beautiful day full of fun and laughter! xo

“Open your heart, and there you will discover the gift of humor.  Humor temporarily frees you from the immersion and enslavement to the soul’s struggle and the ego’s drama, and elevates you back to the viewpoint of Spirit.  Laughter, amusement, chuckles, smiles – all are the many faces and expressions of the gift of humor. Humor restores perspective, returns one’s sense of power, rebalances and liberates one from negative and toxic emotions, and elevates one’s vibration to detachment and freedom in the moment. It floods the body with healing hormones and brings relief and objectivity to the mind.

The gift of humor is ushered into your heart by the divine muses, the subtle joy guides of creative inspiration and solution in service to God.  They are there to remind us that what we laugh at we can overcome.  Search deep into your heart to find your gift of humor, especially if it feels lost at the moment.  It doesn’t go away.  It’s only been misplaced.  Follow the muses and look for your gift in humorous movies, funny books, comedies, jokes, and satires.  You can find the gift of humor if you look for it.  That is part of the fun of humor.  When you look closely enough for it, you find it in everything.”

Wishing You Well


November by Jennifer Currie

I’m off to a workshop this weekend, so I’m taking a few days off from posting.  I’m actually very excited for this little break.  I love learning something new and being in a different environment for a few days… it’s good for my soul.  As I was thinking this I opened my little prayer book (Grace, Guidance, and Gifts by Sonia Choquette) and read this message from spirit:

“Grace gives us the ability to stop and rest after experiencing chaos. Grace brings us relief and the ability to surrender out loud cries of fear into the healing quiet of silence.  Grace, God’s personal support in our lives, gives us the strength to accept rather than fight what is so.  Grace allows us to believe that all that unfolds is for the ultimate good of the soul, even though it may be painful, disappointing, disruptive, and even, at times, deathly.  Grace makes certain that all that is taken away is refilled with new life, new love.  Grace is our refuge.  Grace brings the new dawn.”
I know that a lot of people are feeling upheaval and intensity in their lives right now… and with Hurricane Sandy this week… well, I know we’re a bit fatigued.  I’m wishing you all well.  Hopefully the storm didn’t impact you in a negative way, but if it did… I’m sending love and light… and grace. xoxo