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The Wheel of Fortune from the Gilded Tarot

The Wheel of Fortune from the Gilded Tarot

I hope that 2013 is off to a wonderful start for all of you!  On New Year’s Day I pulled a card for the year for my blog readers and Facebook folks.  It was The Wheel of Fortune, and I want to share the insights that have been coming together for me.  The basic message is about releasing control, staying in the present moment and letting go of worries, doubts, self-abuse, tension, and anxiety.  The Wheel is number 10 of the major arcana and this number symbolizes the ending of one cycle and the beginning of a new one.  This year may bring up awareness of your patterns so you can see what is serving you and what isn’t.  If something isn’t working, the great news is you have the opportunity to change it.  If you’re noticing patterns that work well, then you get to refine your technique and take it to the next level.

The Wheel of Fortune is ruled astrologically by the planet Jupiter and the sign Sagittarius.  Jupiter is the bringer of blessings and good luck and Sagittarius is symbolized by the archer.  If you’re working with talents, gifts, and skills that make your life joyful, keep the image of the archer in your mind’s eye as you go through this year.  He carefully positions his bow, takes aim, breathes deeply, envisions the arrow hitting the mark and then releases it.  At that point the archer’s work is done.  Now the universe takes over and all that is required is faith in a positive outcome.  If it misses the mark, no worries, The Wheel of Fortune always brings around another opportunity to try again.  The power to aim and release the arrow is always available (and only available) in the present moment.  When you practice staying present, aiming for your goals from this empowered place, and taking the actions that are available to you right now then you are standing in the center of The Wheel.  This is the access point to your own higher self and opens the door to wonderful expansion, blessings and good luck.

If you’re feeling stuck or confused and can’t see clearly enough to picture the target much less a bull’s eye, you’re experiencing a pattern that isn’t serving you.  You can usually tell if you’re in this spot because you feel trapped, frustrated, and unable to figure out any possible solution.   In this case, you’re riding The Wheel and going around and around the same issues with the same way of approaching them every time.  It’s not a very fun place to be, and blessings and good fortune can feel unattainable when we’re stuck in these cycles.  The gift of The Wheel in these circumstances is that we can notice where these patterns show up for us, change our thinking, and invite the Divine to bless us with a miracle.  Marianne Williamson writes in The Law of Divine Compensation:

“…{a miracle is} a shift in thinking which then shifts your experience.  This shift in perception- your willingness to look beyond appearances- enables you to invoke a different set of probabilities going forward.  It enables you to see beyond what’s happening to what could be happening, thus creating the space for something new.” 

Albert Einstein also said, “The significant problems we face can not be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.”  If you’re suffering from the same thing that has made you suffer many times before, it’s time to step off The Wheel.  Doing things the same way with the same undesirable results is a closed-system that can feel like a jail, but the way to freedom is always found right where you are now.  Come into your present moment and choose something new and different.  If you always do things one way, change it up.  If you tend to think pessimistically and are suffering from a pattern of low energy and lack of creativity, start naming the good things that surround you.  Start a gratitude journal, say a prayer, or take one action that is uplifting to your spirit in some small way.  If you’re exhausted from being in a constant state of doing and controlling, take a break.  Do something that your mind might categorize as frivolous or do nothing at all.  Take a nap.  These are simple things that have tremendous impact if you are ready to take  your unfruitful patterns in hand.  You’re coming back to your center, changing the things that aren’t working and inviting a miracle.  It’s always a step you take from exactly where you stand right now.  These small actions get you into the dance with the Divine and then anything can happen!  May The Wheel help you break the cycles that block your joy, bring you focus and faith in your gifts, and lead you to a more abundant, fun, and blessed experience of life-  a life of good fortune filled with miracles.  xo



Dance yourself into an abundant space

Dance yourself into an abundant space

In tarot terms, it’s been A Hanging Man phase for me these past few months which means I’ve been given plenty of opportunities to get more acquainted with the lessons of patience, allowing, receiving, and looking at things in a completely new way.  I won’t say that I’ve “aced” all of these lessons, but I’m realizing that for me these things are linked with my experience of abundance.  One of the biggest gifts I received lately is a new-found perception of dancing.

Let me explain… you see, I’ve been going to personal growth workshops for years, and one of the tools I’ve been given again and again is dancing.  It has always been an instant vibrational elevator which basically means that I feel great when I do it.  My experience is that most people feel great when they dance because it’s fun – it lights up our inner children.  So given this realization about dancing you might think that I’ve been doing it a lot over the years, but (sigh) I haven’t.  Lately, I was reminded once again that this is soooo good for me and makes me feel awesome, and this time I asked myself:  “Why all the resistance?”  The answer I received had to do with my ego.  For some reason my ego decided that dancing was only ok in certain places and for certain people at certain times.  I’ve always loved to dance, but when I was growing up it was only ok to do it if you were at “a dance” and these were usually for high school kids only – none of the grown-ups ever danced.  The other place you might see dancing was a wedding.  This was the only place I ever saw adults “cut a rug”.  When I got into college there was a lot more dancing – we’d go out to hear some music and dance quite a bit, and it was a blast!  This was considered ok because we were kids, but after college… well, the occasional wedding was really the only ego-sanctioned dancing event that ever came around.  Sadly dancing pretty much went out of my life.  I found it again at some of the workshops I mentioned.  I would come home feeling wonderful, sparkly, and inspired to dance more, but the resolve would fade away as I got back into the regular day to day living.  Dancing just didn’t seem to have a place there.  This past month when I returned once again from a workshop feeling great, I decided to try an experiment with myself to see if I could bring dancing back into my life.  For the past 30 days I have danced every morning at home in my PJs to one song (about 3-4 minutes).  I’m no pro, I don’t have any fabulous “moves”.   I just dance the way I dance for 4 minutes every morning.  Here is what I have discovered:

1. Even at home alone, my ego puts up resistance.  I’m learning to look this resistance in the eye every morning and just walk on through.  There’s something very empowering about that.

2. I seem to know exactly what I need to do that day right after dancing.  I feel clear-headed, energized, and full of inspiration.

3. I’ve actually lost a little weight without doing anything else.  This is certainly not scientific, but I’m thinking that this little dance routine is giving my metabolism a small boost first thing in the morning.

4. I’m more grounded and subsequently I worry less and feel safer in the world in general.

5. I feel more open and expanded throughout the day.  The irritating stuff is rolling off much more easily and I’m receiving the good stuff in a more authentic way.

In general I feel happier, more energized, more connected to my intuition, and grounded in my body.  I’m open to seeing the good and less affected by the bad.  Things have been flowing pretty nicely this past month despite The Hanging Man influence, and I’m feeling optimistic and enthusiastic about the future.  The fire I’m generating by dancing is burning away some of the old stuff and making a nice clear space for some beautiful new things to come into my life.  Yesterday I was working on an Oola button for abundance, and as I was carefully painting the letters I realized that “Dance” is in the word.  It seems to me that all I’m experiencing truly is Abun{dance} but the possibilities are endless.  Dancing has given me a key to finding that expansive, open energy that abundance is.  I’m looking forward to seeing how things unfold, but in the meantime I wanted to share this.  Maybe you’ll want to give it a try and invite a little abun{dance} into your own life.  xo

Try a Little Laughter

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I read this yesterday in Sonia Choquette’s Grace, Guidance, and Gifts and posted it on Facebook.  I realized later that it was a perfect addition to my post – “Have More Fun”.  What is more fun or more healing than a good laugh?  I thought I would share it here as well.  Wishing you a beautiful day full of fun and laughter! xo

“Open your heart, and there you will discover the gift of humor.  Humor temporarily frees you from the immersion and enslavement to the soul’s struggle and the ego’s drama, and elevates you back to the viewpoint of Spirit.  Laughter, amusement, chuckles, smiles – all are the many faces and expressions of the gift of humor. Humor restores perspective, returns one’s sense of power, rebalances and liberates one from negative and toxic emotions, and elevates one’s vibration to detachment and freedom in the moment. It floods the body with healing hormones and brings relief and objectivity to the mind.

The gift of humor is ushered into your heart by the divine muses, the subtle joy guides of creative inspiration and solution in service to God.  They are there to remind us that what we laugh at we can overcome.  Search deep into your heart to find your gift of humor, especially if it feels lost at the moment.  It doesn’t go away.  It’s only been misplaced.  Follow the muses and look for your gift in humorous movies, funny books, comedies, jokes, and satires.  You can find the gift of humor if you look for it.  That is part of the fun of humor.  When you look closely enough for it, you find it in everything.”