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I’ve been thinking a lot about the power of taking action lately.  About a year ago I got to a point where I realized if I wanted something different to happen I needed to start doing something differently. I decided … Continue reading

Wishing You Well


November by Jennifer Currie

I’m off to a workshop this weekend, so I’m taking a few days off from posting.  I’m actually very excited for this little break.  I love learning something new and being in a different environment for a few days… it’s good for my soul.  As I was thinking this I opened my little prayer book (Grace, Guidance, and Gifts by Sonia Choquette) and read this message from spirit:

“Grace gives us the ability to stop and rest after experiencing chaos. Grace brings us relief and the ability to surrender out loud cries of fear into the healing quiet of silence.  Grace, God’s personal support in our lives, gives us the strength to accept rather than fight what is so.  Grace allows us to believe that all that unfolds is for the ultimate good of the soul, even though it may be painful, disappointing, disruptive, and even, at times, deathly.  Grace makes certain that all that is taken away is refilled with new life, new love.  Grace is our refuge.  Grace brings the new dawn.”
I know that a lot of people are feeling upheaval and intensity in their lives right now… and with Hurricane Sandy this week… well, I know we’re a bit fatigued.  I’m wishing you all well.  Hopefully the storm didn’t impact you in a negative way, but if it did… I’m sending love and light… and grace. xoxo