What’s Your Money Story

What's Your Money Story

Your money story has a huge impact on your experience of abundance. Everyone has a money story, but most of us don’ t really know what it is. Often these money stories are fueled by unspoken agreements and beliefs we adopted as children. We are so wide open and sensitive when we’re young that we adopt the unspoken beliefs and patterns of our caregivers even if they aren’t all that great for us.

In addition, there’s another layer to the money story that our families and life experiences tend to magnify. We’ve got money stories that go back further than our current lifetime. We have created blocks and restrictions in past lives as well that impact our experience of abundance and can block our manifesting.

Money stories are quite varied and specific to each of us.

Some of us react to money stress by contracting. This person may scrimp, save and live small… (there’s nothing wrong with saving by the way – it’s a good thing!), but when we do this out of a fearful state, it becomes difficult to enjoy our abundance… even if we have tons of money in the bank, we never feel there is enough and there’s no pleasure in the experience.

Others go to the opposite end of the spectrum and ignore money, hide from it, don’t open their bills and charge up their credit cards… and guess what? This is driven by fear too. Either way it’s uncomfortable.

So many money patterns boil down to fear, overwhelm, and shame.

Money can really trigger us, and often creative folks who have felt they weren’t good with money, didn’t get good grounded training when it came to money management or simply accepted messages about the “starving artist” have stress that’s compounded by feelings of “I’m just not good at this.” And our money stuff likes to hide too. We don’t talk about money much unless we’re talking about how hard it is… and this is the reason we often don’t even know what our money stories are.

Of course, sometimes our money stories can promote ease as well. You probably know someone who seems to be “lucky” and doesn’t really worry too much about money. More than likely they’ve developed fortunate patterns that keep them in flow.

The good news is: we can all do this. We can release those old stories, beliefs and energies and hit the reset button on abundance.

The first thing we need to do is get in touch with those money stories and find out what they are. Sometimes they are tricky to pinpoint, but every time get more conscious of our habits we change our money experience.

Energetic clearing is beneficial to this process because sometimes we really do have old, old stuff bogging us down and making it very difficult to manifest. If we’ve been living with those energies for lifetimes it can be difficult to find our flow and it’s easy to feel like victims of circumstance… but the truth is: we are powerful creators and money is a tool for creating new experiences.

Getting empowered in this department does a lot more than straighten out your bank account – it’s a soul level transformation.

Money gives us the opportunity to have more choices and the more choices we have, we do indeed have more responsibility… but we also have something else: more personal power. It doesn’t come from the money… it comes through the process of manifesting.

We are whole beings which means that all the areas of our lives are not separate. Your money story is indicative of a vital life force energy drain (or flow) that’s happening in many ways… and it’s not always linear. Often there are changes that need to be made with relationships or health because what needs to be addressed is an energetic pattern that’s out of alignment.

The 2nd thing we need to understand is that we all have money strengths… we have soul gifts that we can use and we often have skills and qualities that we’ve been overlooking. Our brilliance can get dimmed down and overlooked when we’ve got those energetic blocks and restrictions.

The spring cleaning around your money story starts by looking at the soul-level story and the story from your current life… so you can excavate and become conscious of the stuff that’s helping and the stuff that’s not.

Then you get to be the dazzling creative soul you truly are and rewrite that story. This requires insight combined with new actions. You’re never stuck – you can always create something new and finding out what needs to be tweaked, what habits need to be released and what new actions will bring you into a greater experience of empowered abundance… that’s where it all comes together.

So what’s your money story? One great question to help you discover the answer is: “What is the energy that comes up for me when I think about money or take money actions?” Start checking in with this question and paying attention to what goes on for you around money, because money loves attention and you’ve already begun shifting with this seemingly small action. Here’s to blessings and abundance!

Click below if you’re interested in unpacking your own money story and doing an energetic spring cleaning to reset your abundance.

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Three Common Blind Spots to Abundance


A detail of a larger work in progress by Jennifer Currie

Creativity is linked to Abundance.  In fact, a huge part of your soul purpose is to create and manifest.  You are here to experience yourself as a gifted divine soul.  Knowing your soul gifts and putting them to use is the key to your abundance along with attracting and manifesting anything you want.

Since I was in my teens I’ve wanted to be more empowered in my creativity and to me that means empowered abundance, empowered self-expression, and also having empowered boundaries so I could feel good in my skin and free to make the choices that truly work best for my life.

Many of us have this desire, but it’s not something we’re necessarily encouraged or taught to do when we are children.  It’s actually much more common for most folks to be living out of alignment with their divine soul gifts, dialing down their sparkle, fitting in… and living lives so full of obligation that they feel like they have few or no choices.

The truth is, if we were living in alignment with our soul gifts, we’d be manifesting brilliantly and bringing lots of empowered and joyful experiences into our lives.

For years I read everything I could get my hands on about aligning with abundance and manifesting with ease… but there were 3 major blindspots that kept me from fully experiencing my creative power.  I’ve noticed that these 3 blindspots are pretty common and often block our ability to experience the kind of abundance we truly want.

BLINDSPOT # 1:  Not Knowing Your Soul Gifts:  In order to be empowered creatively we have to know and own our soul gifts because what we have in abundance is the key to our abundance.  It’s really hard to shine brightly and bring your special genius into the world, if you don’t know what it is.  However, it’s actually very common for us to overlook and take for granted the very talents and gifts that are our primary magic.

Also, if we don’t know or understand our gifts and personal truth within, we tend to look for it outside of ourselves.  We make other people responsible for determining our value and we do a lot of things out of obligation.  It may not be  something we do consciously but it sneaks in all over the place.  It’s a disempowered way to live and an abundance roadblock.

BLINDSPOT #2  Vague or Misaligned Intentions:  In order to create anything, we have to have a clear intention.  It’s kind of like putting the address of your destination into your GPS.  The problem here shows up in 2 ways:  Either we don’t put an address in and drive around wondering why the GPS doesn’t tell us where to go OR we put in an address to a place that isn’t where we truly want to go.

Sometimes we fail to understand how powerful we are, and we wait for the Universe to deliver an answer or show us where we need to go.  The truth is, the Universe is responsive and we have to take the first step and decide what we want.

And if we want abundance… we need to choose things that line up with our soul gifts.  Sometimes we have soul gift envy ~ where we see so clearly how someone else is talented and we admire it.  We may think…”I want to do THAT.”  We can even give it a try, but if it’s not aligned with our gifts it just won’t deliver the same fulfillment and flow.

BLINDSPOT #3:  No Action:  Empowered creativity requires action.  We are human beings living in the 3rd Dimension.  That means we have bodies, we require food, shelter and clothing.  We are subject to time and the vibration rate of this plane of existence is a lot slower than say… our mental plane.

It’s quite easy to create on the mental plane.  It’s pretty much instantaneous.   All you have to do is imagine something and poof! there it is right in your mind’s eye.  This is actually great in terms of manifesting because we can run a lot of possibilities in our minds.  We can create quick sketches and rough drafts of our manifestations… and that is important to the process.  This helps us out a lot when we’re setting intentions.

But these things will remain just that:  possibilities….. until we take some kind of action to bring them into a tangible, 3rd dimensional state.  Taking action always requires effort, but it doesn’t have to be miserable or difficult effort.  When we’re lining up our actions with our soul gifts our efforts can be extremely fulfilling, enjoyable and they lead to prosperity.

Whatever you’re trying to create and manifest whether it’s more money in your bank account, more time, a relationship, or more artistic expression… your soul gifts are the key to your abundance.  Check in with yourself and ask:  do I know what my gifts are?  Am I setting soul-aligned intentions? What actions do I need to take?

Here’s to your beautiful, empowered creativity!

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The Ace of Cups
The Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups

JES 1973

I’m overflowing with emotion today, and I guess it’s appropriate that I pulled the Ace of Cups not once, but twice.  This card is all about blessings and an open heart – an abundance of love and the willingness to receive grace.  It’s a new awareness of these things – being able to see with fresh eyes.  Earlier I was looking through a box of old photos and found some pictures of myself as a child.  It reminded me of the sweet, innocent little person I was then and how those things are still a part of me.  They are a part of all of us – we were all innocent little children once.  The message from spirit is: Listen to your heart and understand that it’s guiding you to love.  Love yourself, love your beauty, your gifts, your innocence, your unique contribution to this world.  From that place of overflowing abundance you can give love by seeing it in everyone you meet.

The other day I stumbled across a poem by Mary Oliver that struck me as so incredibly beautiful that I had to read it over again several times.  I’ll share it here, and I’m wishing you an open heart and an overflowing cup. xo

“At the River Clarion” by Mary Oliver

1. I don’t know who God is exactly.

But I’ll tell you this.

I was sitting in the river named Clarion, on a

water splashed stone

and all afternoon I listened to the voices

of the river talking.

Whenever the water struck the stone it had

something to say,

and the water itself, and even the mosses trailing

under the water.

And slowly, very slowly, it became clear to me what they were saying.

Said the river: I am part of holiness.

And I too, said the stone.  And I too, whispered

the moss beneath the water.


I’d been to the river before, a few times.

Don’t blame the river that nothing happened quickly.

You don’t hear such voices in an hour or a day.

You don’t hear them at all if selfhood has stuffed your ears.

And it’s difficult to hear anything anyway, through

all the traffic, and ambition.


If God exists he isn’t just butter and good luck.

He’s also the tick that killed my wonderful dog Luke.

Said the river: imagine everything you can imagine, then

keep on going.

Imagine how the lily (who may also be a part of God)

would sing to you if it could sing, if

you would pause to hear it.

And how are you so certain anyway that it doesn’t sing?


If God exists he isn’t just churches and mathematics.

He’s the forest, He’s the desert.

He’s the ice caps, that are dying.

He’s the ghetto and the Museum of Fine Arts.


He’s Van Gogh and Allen Ginsberg and Robert Motherwell.

He’s the many desperate hands, cleaning and preparing

their weapons.

He’s every one of us, potentially.

The leaf of grass, the genius, the politician,

the poet.

And if this is true, isn’t it something very important?


Yes, it could be that I am a tiny piece of God, and

each of you too, or at least

of his intention and his hope.

Which is a delight beyond measure.

I don’t know how you get to suspect such an idea.

I only know that the river kept singing.

It wasn’t a persuasion, it was all the river’s own

constant joy

which was better by far than a lecture, which was

comfortable, exciting, unforgettable.


Of course for each of us, there is the daily life.

Let us live it, gesture by gesture.

When we cut the ripe melon, should we not give it thanks?

And should we not thank the knife also?

We do not live in a simple world.


There was someone I loved who grew old and ill.

One by one I watched the fires go out.

There was nothing I could do

except to remember

that we receive

then we give back.


My dog Luke lies in a grave in the forest,

she is given back.

But the river Clarion still flows

from wherever it comes from

to where it has been told to go.

I pray for the desperate earth.

I pray for the desperate world.

I do the little each person can do, it isn’t much.

Sometimes the river murmurs, sometimes it raves.


Along its shores were, may I say, very intense cardinal flowers.

And trees, and birds that have wings to uphold them,

for heaven’s sakes-

the lucky ones: they have such deep natures,

they are so happily obedient.

While I sit here in a house filled with books,

ideas, doubts, hesitations.


And still, pressed deep into my mind, the river

keeps coming, touching me, passing by on its

long journey, its pale, infallible voice





Dance yourself into an abundant space

Dance yourself into an abundant space

In tarot terms, it’s been A Hanging Man phase for me these past few months which means I’ve been given plenty of opportunities to get more acquainted with the lessons of patience, allowing, receiving, and looking at things in a completely new way.  I won’t say that I’ve “aced” all of these lessons, but I’m realizing that for me these things are linked with my experience of abundance.  One of the biggest gifts I received lately is a new-found perception of dancing.

Let me explain… you see, I’ve been going to personal growth workshops for years, and one of the tools I’ve been given again and again is dancing.  It has always been an instant vibrational elevator which basically means that I feel great when I do it.  My experience is that most people feel great when they dance because it’s fun – it lights up our inner children.  So given this realization about dancing you might think that I’ve been doing it a lot over the years, but (sigh) I haven’t.  Lately, I was reminded once again that this is soooo good for me and makes me feel awesome, and this time I asked myself:  “Why all the resistance?”  The answer I received had to do with my ego.  For some reason my ego decided that dancing was only ok in certain places and for certain people at certain times.  I’ve always loved to dance, but when I was growing up it was only ok to do it if you were at “a dance” and these were usually for high school kids only – none of the grown-ups ever danced.  The other place you might see dancing was a wedding.  This was the only place I ever saw adults “cut a rug”.  When I got into college there was a lot more dancing – we’d go out to hear some music and dance quite a bit, and it was a blast!  This was considered ok because we were kids, but after college… well, the occasional wedding was really the only ego-sanctioned dancing event that ever came around.  Sadly dancing pretty much went out of my life.  I found it again at some of the workshops I mentioned.  I would come home feeling wonderful, sparkly, and inspired to dance more, but the resolve would fade away as I got back into the regular day to day living.  Dancing just didn’t seem to have a place there.  This past month when I returned once again from a workshop feeling great, I decided to try an experiment with myself to see if I could bring dancing back into my life.  For the past 30 days I have danced every morning at home in my PJs to one song (about 3-4 minutes).  I’m no pro, I don’t have any fabulous “moves”.   I just dance the way I dance for 4 minutes every morning.  Here is what I have discovered:

1. Even at home alone, my ego puts up resistance.  I’m learning to look this resistance in the eye every morning and just walk on through.  There’s something very empowering about that.

2. I seem to know exactly what I need to do that day right after dancing.  I feel clear-headed, energized, and full of inspiration.

3. I’ve actually lost a little weight without doing anything else.  This is certainly not scientific, but I’m thinking that this little dance routine is giving my metabolism a small boost first thing in the morning.

4. I’m more grounded and subsequently I worry less and feel safer in the world in general.

5. I feel more open and expanded throughout the day.  The irritating stuff is rolling off much more easily and I’m receiving the good stuff in a more authentic way.

In general I feel happier, more energized, more connected to my intuition, and grounded in my body.  I’m open to seeing the good and less affected by the bad.  Things have been flowing pretty nicely this past month despite The Hanging Man influence, and I’m feeling optimistic and enthusiastic about the future.  The fire I’m generating by dancing is burning away some of the old stuff and making a nice clear space for some beautiful new things to come into my life.  Yesterday I was working on an Oola button for abundance www.oolaoola.com, and as I was carefully painting the letters I realized that “Dance” is in the word.  It seems to me that all I’m experiencing truly is Abun{dance} but the possibilities are endless.  Dancing has given me a key to finding that expansive, open energy that abundance is.  I’m looking forward to seeing how things unfold, but in the meantime I wanted to share this.  Maybe you’ll want to give it a try and invite a little abun{dance} into your own life.  xo