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I’ve been thinking a lot about the power of taking action lately.  About a year ago I got to a point where I realized if I wanted something different to happen I needed to start doing something differently. I decided … Continue reading

Manifestation 101: Your Dreams are Growing

Three of Pentacles from The Goddess Tarot

Three of Pentacles from The Goddess Tarot


Well my dears I have been away too long. I needed to take a short sabbatical from blogging while I got my new website pulled together and finished my intuitive coaching coursework. It has been a full year so far, and I’m happy to get back into my writing rhythm. I’ve missed you!

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So,with all that said… I’m jumping back in with a look at the Three of Pentacles. It’s a great earthy card and that means taking action, learning through experience, and seeing tangible results ~ something is blooming and it’s time to celebrate the progress and share it. It’s time to let folks into the studio, the kitchen, the portfolio, the manuscript, the business… whatever it is you’ve been working on and dreaming about. The Three of Pentacles has a message about the stage of manifestation that can sometimes be a little tricky… especially if you’re inner perfectionist has a loud voice.

So let’s talk a bit about manifesting. When I use this word I’m talking about taking something intangible {like an idea, a dream, a vision} and making it into an experience ~ something you can see, touch, taste, hear, and smell. You’re bringing it into form.

Manifesting is a CREATIVE process regardless of the vision. You could have an idea for a totally left-brained financial business, a dream to write your artsy novel, or an amazing plan for your family’s next dream vacation. Regardless of the scenario ~ you’re now in the creative process of making it happen, and there are some necessary steps that have to be taken along the way in order to achieve success. Here are the basic stages. I can’t seem to think about manifesting without using a gardening metaphor… so here goes:

  1. The Seedling: In the beginning stages you have to nurture your dream and let it gestate a bit. This is where you go inward, connect with your spirit and let it fuel your exploration. You may feel like a novice during this stage because you’ll probably need to learn some new skills, do some research, practice your craft, and build your confidence. There will be a lot of “firsts” during this phase, and it’s a delicate time because it’s easy to get the wind knocked out of your sails from an unkind remark or a rejection. That’s why you need a greenhouse. There will be times when it’s best to keep quiet about your work, get busy behind the scenes, and be selective about who you share with.
  2. The Healthy Plant: You’ve sprouted, and it’s time to grow full-out. You’re getting some traction and you’re ready to put your creation out into the world. You’ve basically learned everything you can from the safe incubator of the greenhouse. Your research is done, and you’ve practiced and mastered the skills you were able to cultivate in that environment. The only way to grow now is to get out in the bigger garden {the world} and get some experience under your belt. It’s time to share the big idea, get feedback, collaborate, and learn by doing. Action is your new best friend.
  3. The Flourishing Garden: At this stage you are hitting your stride. You’ve cleared many of the outer and inner blocks, and while you’re still learning and growing ~ you feel more confident. You’ve got healthy roots, and it’s easier to expand and send out new shoots of inspiration. You’re in the creative flow.
  4. The Harvest: You’ve got a solid foundation, and your creativity is able to expand exponentially. Your ideas come to fruition much more quickly because you have created a base for abundance. You have more resources at your fingertips and even though you will continue to create and will go through these stages over and over again, you are mastering manifestation and things come together more quickly and more joyfully.

The Three of Pentacles is guiding us through Stage 2, and I often find that this can be one of the most difficult transitions. Taking yourself out of the safe inner sanctum of research into a more active and visible place in the world can be a little scary, but It’s also a time to embrace and celebrate.

It took a lot of work to get to this stage, and it takes courage to put it into action. If this is where you are, pat yourself on the back because this is HUGE! The important thing to remember is that you are not alone because no matter how slick the marketing, or how confident the people in stages 3 and 4 look… they had to go through stage 2 to get there.

We don’t always hear about Stage 2 because it’s kind of like the adolescence of manifestation. It’s not so glamorous, but it’s beautiful nonetheless and the place we do our most profound transformation. The Three of Pentacles is encouraging you to be brave because you’re READY. You don’t need to incubate anymore, you need to take action and have fun while you’re doing it. Hold onto your vision but let it rest gently in your hand instead of squeezing it tightly. The Divine has your back and this is exactly where you’re supposed to be. It’s part of the process, and every experience you have now is leading you to that amazing Harvest that got you excited to begin the journey in the first place. xo


True Courage and the Power of Your Inner Wildness

Strength from the Druid Craft Tarot

Strength from the Druid Craft Tarot

Strength is the 8th card of the Major Arcana and traditionally depicts a young woman with her arms around a lion.  This Druid inspired deck depicts a boar instead of a big cat, but in both cards the symbol is one of tamed power.  The lesson of this card is about merging with and harnessing the feral aspects of one’s soul and making friends with that wildness.  The message it brings is: Your strength lies in your ability to have faith, let go, and work from the inside out rather than the outside in.  Strength lies in authenticity and honesty with yourself and others.  It’s time to stop playing roles for other people.  It’s time to start moving through the world with solid, grounded footsteps, taking good care of your body, being very truthful with yourself and wide awake with your emotions.

When you tap into the powerful, fiery energy of Strength, you feel courageous.   Your passions come alive and you have everything you need to see them through ~ not because you’re working hard to create that force, but because you are harmoniously allowing it to flow through you.  Ultimately it teaches that true strength lies in wholeness, and the way to wholeness is through gentle self-compassion.

How does this wildness show up?  In the negative, it shows up when we’re weak-willed, numbed-out, or addicted ~ that’s when it’s ruling us.  In the positive, it brings about passion and inspiration ~ that’s when we’re in harmony with it.  The Strength card is about realizing that we need to be awake and aware of what is going on in our physical bodies, emotional bodies, mental and spiritual bodies.  It’s time as Mary Oliver puts it, “… to let the warm animal of your body love what it loves.”  This will lead you right into knowing where you belong in the “family of things” {from the poem “Wild Geese”}.  Strength wants us to integrate all our scattered pieces through deep and abiding self-compassion.  You don’t tame the beast by beating it down ~ you tame it through love and acceptance. 

Let the crisp cold air of winter help you wake up and notice where you’ve been checking out.  Let your honest and authentic self be what shows up in the world.  Strength is about reclaiming self-esteem and channeling that energy into your true passions.  When you’re embodying this lesson you won’t have to go to battle, defend yourself, and fight to be strong.  You’ll know that your strength resides in your authentic nature.  You have accepted and lovingly tamed the parts of you that seemed wild, unacceptable, or out of control by loving them ~ a truly bold and courageous act.

Here’s a checklist to help you check-in with your 4 bodies:

˜       Physical Body:  Are you rested?  Do you have aches and pains?  Do you need to eat better, get more exercise, or maybe slow down a bit?  Check in.  The first thing you think of is the place that needs your attention.

˜       Emotional Body:  What are you feeling?  If you feel sad and need to cry then allow the tears to flow ~ your spirit is asking for cleansing.  If you’re angry, take a look at your boundaries and imagine sending fiery energy into a bright protective barrier all around your body.  Notice how you’re feeling and sit with that emotion so the energy can be released.

˜       Mental Body:  Are you scattered, confused, or locked in a noisy inner world of endless mind chatter?  Are you processing too much information?  Do you need to rest mentally or do you need to learn something new to stoke the fire of your inspiration.   Take a moment and just breathe slowly.

˜       Spiritual Body:  Do you feel overwhelmed or inspired?  Do you feel like you can trust life or are you frozen?  What does your spirit need most right now?  Rest, movement, creativity, silence… whatever you think of first is your answer.