Vision Boards and Manifesting

Blue Dream Painting by Jennifer Currie

I have a confession to make… I love vision boards and have made many over the years, but when it comes to manifesting…. they don’t work that great for me.  As an artist, this really does feel like a confession because it’s a creative tool, right?  For me, the process of making a vision board is really fun, but I’ve experienced minimal results.

In the past, this made me feel like I was doing something wrong.   I would wonder, why does this technique seem to work for some people and not for me?  It’s a popular manifesting tool, and it’s not uncommon to hear folks talk about magical results their vision boards have helped create.  I have spent hours making beautiful, detailed vision boards and have even taught others how to make them in the past.  There are a lot of benefits to doing them, but I finally discovered why some folks get tremendous results and some folks (like me) get iffy results that are sort of meh.

Learning about my Soul Level Manifesting Blueprint helped me clear the fog around this puzzle and learn what tools and actions really create the best results for me and which don’t.  As an artist, I was very attracted to the tool of vision boards, but I have learned that my creative energy is better spent in other ways.

Some People are Motivated by the Journey and Some are Motivated by the Destination.

I’m sure you’ve heard this quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson:   “Life is a journey, not a destination.” It is absolutely true ~  we’re all works in progress, having new experiences, blooming and growing all the time.

From a manifesting standpoint though, different aspects motivate us to move along our paths.  Some of us are motivated by the activities, processes and actions we’re going to be taking along the way.   We keep putting one foot in front of the other because we’re enjoying the stretch of road we’re on ~ we like the breeze and the scenery.  We’re enjoying what we’re creating on this path because it feeds our souls. We’re expressing our gifts, and we’re learning through our experiences.   I’m going to call these folks Journey People.

However, some of us are most motivated by strong goals, clear outcomes and defined destinations.  We keep putting one foot in front of the other because we see where it’s taking us (or we at least have a good idea).  We move forward because we see the prize we’re going for.  These folks are Destination People.

Journey People manifest with the greatest ease when they are engaged in activities and doing things that inspire them.  They benefit and align with abundance when they enjoy their work, look forward to the tasks they engage in and contributions they make on a daily basis.  A great manifesting question for these folks to ask themselves is: “Do I enjoy what I’m doing?”

At the other end of the spectrum Destination People manifest with the greatest ease when they have goals established and the vision of where they are going is clear in their minds.  Even on a bad day or doing a difficult job, this vision will help move them forward.  These folks need to ask themselves: “Am I clear about and inspired by where I’m going?”

Can you guess which folks vision boards work best for?

You got it!  It’s the Destination People.

Vision boards can be downright magical for these folks because they give form to their vision and keep it in plain view where they can be motivated by it all the time.  They are moved forward by the reminder of where they desire to go and the clear vision of what they want to create.

A Journey Person might benefit from the activity of making the vision board in the moment if it’s fun, inspiring and activates a playful and expansive state, but they are more likely to put it aside once It’s completed and forget about it.  They might notice that some results show up, but it will probably be 6 months later when they find the vision board laying around and say Oh look at that, I totally forgot I put that picture of Costa Rica on this.  The action of doing the vision board may have been one step in creating that vacation, but as a primary manifesting tool… it didn’t play a huge part.

Both Journey and Destination people have to set intentions in order to create what they want.  That is just part of the manifesting process ~ having a defined intention is a must.

However, Journey and Destination People will handle resistance differently and different actions will inspire and motivate them.  For example:  A Destination Person will get inspired when they spend time making a Vision Board because it will ground their vision and become a vibrant reminder and motivator.  On a day when they’re feeling resistant, this reminder of their ultimate goal can help them push through and get unstuck.

The Journey Person will benefit from remembering their intention, choosing an action that aligns with it and then diving in.  For example:  This person might feel resistant to making time for painting and feel unmotivated.  The best way for them to work through this is to remember how happy and healing their painting practice makes them feel and how inspired they are once they get started.  They should just begin in order to push through the resistance.  If they are feeling extremely scattered and unclear about where they are going a vision board could be an “in the moment” activity that would help them gain clarity but more than likely, once that clarity is achieved, the board itself won’t hold as much value for them.

So are you a Journey Person or a Destination Person?

You’ve probably guessed that I’m a Process Person : ) This is just one small aspect of the kind of information you might gain from a Manifesting Blueprint Reading.  Knowing whether you’re a Journey Person or a Destination Person; how big a role this plays in your process; and whether or not you’re currently aligned with it can make a huge difference in how you manifest results.  It shows you how to take actions that line up with your soul, and it also shows you all the variables that come into your manifesting process.  Knowing how to direct your creative energies in ways that work best for you takes you from a hit and miss manifestor to a masterful alchemist.  Here’s to your creative empowerment! xo

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