Just Do It! Follow Your Inner Guidance

Two of Wands from the Goddess Tarot

Two of Wands from the Goddess Tarot

The fiery Two of Wands has shown up today with encouragement and guidance to take action and do your part in the co-creation of your life.  The two’s are about relationships, separate energies coming together, engaging in a creative process, and harmonizing.  When we are participating, taking helpful action, and showing up full-out in our relationships with other people these relationships flourish and thrive.  The Two of Wands addresses our relationship with spirit and invites us to engage in a dance with the Creator, so that we can heal, have fun, and change our lives in positive ways.

The Wands symbolize the element of fire, and there is always movement when fire shows up.  It’s the propelling force or the divine spark of inspiration.  Many of us have begun new projects, are seeing things in new ways and have a lot of enthusiasm for the path we’re on.  Some of us feel like we’ve suddenly been rerouted and we’re not at all familiar with this road less traveled.  The Two of Wands is asking us to take action – to move, but it’s not directing us to just do for the sake of doing.  It’s asking us to listen to the inner knowing of our hearts and move in that direction.  It’s also asking that we be willing to take small steps with faith because it may not be possible for us to know the benefit of an action until we have experienced it.  Often, when I do readings I find that the guidance is so simple and immediate that the brain wants to dismiss it.  I can feel the intellect start up and the inner resistance that says, “well, that’s too easy” or “How is that going to fix my problem?”  Creating change in our lives requires moving in a new direction and the only way to do this is by taking simple steps that are different from the ones we’ve been taking.  It starts small and The Two of Wands is indicating that your spirit is calling to you.  It’s directing you to a path.  Are you taking the action that it’s indicating?  That’s the question this card brings up and it invites us into a dance with the Creator, so that we can co-create the beautiful life experiences we want to have.  Here’s how it works:

1.  The first step is showing up and asking for guidance.  Speak to your heart and ask your higher self to guide you.  Ask for loving, light-filled guidance for your highest good.  At this point the Creator steps in to meet you and the dance begins.

2.  The second step is listening and being open to that guidance when it comes.  It is subtle and it will often surprise you – it feels good but may not be what you expected.  The more open you can become, the more clear this guidance will be for you.  Learning to find inner quiet is beneficial, but know that it’s possible to do this even if you are not practicing formal meditation.  Sometimes a quiet walk outside can calm the mind enough for guidance to come through.  I used to find some of the best creative ideas and solutions would drop in for me when I was taking short country drives in a quiet car.  If you don’t feel like you’re getting guidance or you question what you are getting, it doesn’t mean that the guidance isn’t there – it just indicates that you’re “in your head”.  You may find that your guidance starts to come to you through other messengers and is repetitious.  If you’ve heard over and over again that you need to relax more and give yourself a breather it’s not just a bunch of tiresome people giving you a hard time – it may be your higher self trying to get through to you!  Check in with your heart and see if that message feels like a welcome relief and keep your eyes and ears open to other messages that may be  showing up in this way.

3.  This is where step three comes in:  Just do it!  Act on the guidance that you are receiving.  If you are being guided to rest, then rest.  If you’re being guided to send an email or make a phone call, do it.  As I talked about with The Wheel of Fortune this is the year for breaking old cycles that don’t serve us – we want to get off the outer rim of the wheel and find our power in the center.  Taking action when our guidance kicks in is crucial.  This is where the rubber meets the road and change takes place.  The Two of Wands is encouraging us to keep going.  Even if we haven’t seen the full results of our efforts we don’t need to give up before the miracle occurs.  Put one foot in front of the other and take the actions that spirit is guiding you to take.  You are learning by doing. xo

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