Letting Go of Control


Happy Wednesday!  Here is the message from spirit I read this morning:

“Grace finds us when we accept life as it unfolds, even though, at times, we do not like what is happening.  Grace gives us the wisdom to cease arguing with God, demanding that life be what we want and not the way it is, and helps us find the gifts in what is so.”  -Sonia Choquette

Earlier this week I had an epiphany about the ways I try to control things in my life, and how that actually puts me into a contracted state…. I limit the beauty and gifts that I’m able to experience when I try to control everything.  So as we slide into the last few weeks of 2012 and the holidays, I’m really looking at getting more comfortable with letting things be the way they are.  I truly want to relax into a state of trusting and allowing.  So today’s message from spirit seemed just right to me.  I wanted to share it and wish you all a relaxed and beautiful day!  xoxo

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